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Pet Damage
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Urine & Malodor Control

Our Favorite subject, but we’re sure it’s not yours is urine damage. It’s is the most misunderstood and costly item related to the carpet cleaning field. Urine causes carpet color loss in the wet state due to its high acidic PH, and once dry causes large amounts of bacteria growth due to its high salt content. These salts and minerals continually eat up the carpet backing, fibers, tack strips, cause an unpleasant odor, and promotes an unhealthy environment. An average household dog urinates 2-9 ounces each time, multiply that 3-4 times a day. For every one part urine on top of the carpet, there are eight parts pulled under the carpet due to the absorbability of the backing and carpet padding. Compare this to an iceberg, small on top and huge on the bottom.
Protect Your Carpet Investment
Over the past 21 years, we have corrected quite a few nightmares that Fido and Whickers have created for property owners/mangers. We strongly urge you to inform all your tenants that if they have pets then they must pay for a Urine Damage Inspection upon moving out. The urine inspection will save you footing the bill for Fido’s accidents. Our equipment can detect urine even after the carpets have been cleaned and deodorized.
Urine Removal Process
Inspection: carpet fibers are thoroughly scanned with a urine UV detection light to determine contamination areas, and then a urine moisture probe is used to further locate any urine salts in the backing or padding. All contaminated areas are mapped out and a report laying our recommendation and repair costs are provided.
1.      Minor Contamination- surface only. Urine area is treated with a neutralizing solution, which neutralizes the urine and also contains special cleaning agents that loosen urine from the fibers. The carpets are then rinsed, extracted and a solvent based malodor is applied to help retard bacteria growth and odor.
2.      Heavier Concentration – process takes 2-6 days. Urine neutralizer is applied to both the surface and backing. Once rinsed and extracted a natural enzyme is applied, this enzyme digest the protein bacteria in the urine salts and works for 2- 6 days until all bacteria is digested. Padding is removed during initial stages and the floors are sealed. After all contamination has been removed, new padding is installed and the carpets restretched.
3.       When Carpets Cannot be Saved – over 25%  contamination. The carpets and padding are removed. Subfloor is sprayed with solvent based malodor and an EPA registered decontaminate is applied, the floor is sealed with an oil based sealer. New carpets and padding can now be installed.