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The RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor
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Think you need to replace your carpets? Think again!

One more reason why Johnny on the Spot out cleans any other company is the fact that we have the most innovative and powerful cleaning tool to assist the certified cleaning professional. Now 99.9% soil removal with no sticky chemical residual is possible.
The fact is the RX- 20 is a precision engineered, state of the art cleaning tool. In the past we could only use a carpet cleaning wand, now we have the option to use the RX-20 for heavily soiled carpets and large jobs. The unit uses 5 steam injection spray jets, followed by 5 vacuum extraction heads in a brushless rotary motion, which loosens deep embedded dirt, soil, bacteria and heavy traffic patterns from all sides of the carpet fibers. The dirt and soil dissolves on contact and are at once removed out of the carpet fibers. The cleaning head rotates 600 RPM, that’s 36,000 complete cleaning passes per hour! Plus the weight distribution and rotary cleaning motion enables the operator to maneuver the unit easily with less back strain and fatigue, which leads to 100% cleaning effectiveness throughout the job, day in and day out.